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Over the years I've seen more and more health problems arise in my beloved breeds, (skin problems, cancers, and digestion difficulties) resulting in a complete turnaround in my thinking. I've stopped feeding my dogs manufactured food where all the nutrients and goodness has been cooked out of whatever was originally in it and turned to a completely raw diet. I can remember my parents basically feeding our dogs the same thing, raw and cooked table scraps, which negates the term "new" diet. My dogs now get a variety of meats, fresh ground vegetables and fresh ground herbs and supplements. Feeding time at this zoo is now an adventure even my most picky eaters enjoy.

Since embarking on this raw food journey my dogs are doing so much better.... the older dogs are bursting with energy, instead of limping around in pain. Their coats are awesome, and new born babies are fat and sassy at birth, generally speaking. And their teeth!! Amazing!!

The decision to feed a pet a raw diet should not be taken lightly. Educate yourself before you take the plunge. It's doesn't take the place of regular and timely veterinary care. Check out this site for reading information, and suppliers

We breed selectively, here at Rythm, with our dogs health, temperament and general attitude to life as our main concern. I show my dogs in conformation, obedience and have been doing agility. Our pups have excelled in obedience and agility and we have many therapy dogs born here. A few have gone on to herding trials as well.

Our pups are raised in our kitchen amidst the busy lives of the family. We have pups available about twice a year, to approved forever homes as well as adults on occasion. Remember, these adults are not our castoffs. They are dogs who for many reasons can no longer stay with their original owners or an animal who is ready to retire from showing and looking forward to becoming someone's couch potatoe. We reserve the right to turn down a potential home if we feel we don't have suitable pet for them. All pets sold on a non breeding contract.

A registration certificate is not a guarantee that the pup or dog you've purchased is healthy. Neither is a hefty price tag. But it's also not the time to look for a cheap bargain. Price is not a good reason to buy a dog. Do your homework.


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